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1.) NDEs Have Been Validated In Scientific Studies.

Among all the specialists, the most interesting analysis comes from the mediacal
doctors themselves.
Neuro-biological specialists within the field of medical science and psychiatry have carefully studied the field of NDE. After the review of thousands of near death experiences doctors such as Dr Bruce Greyson, Dr Peter Fenwick, Dr Parnia,and Dr Pim Van Lommel have narrowed the field down clinical death experiences where significant findings for life beyond death was quite evident.

Interest in Near Death Experiences originally gained interest by Sir William Barrett's 1926 book "Death-Bed Visions" which has become a classic in the field. At that time Death Visions were rarely discussed, if they did happen.

The establishment of the International Association for Near-death Studies was founded shortly after that in 1981, which was an international organization
based upon scientific research of near-death experiences. Among its publications exists a peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies, and a quarterly newsletter called Vital Signs. Among the scientific and academic journals that regularly publish new research on the subject of NDEs, are: Journal of Near-Death Studies, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, British Journal of Psychology, American Journal of Disease of Children, Resuscitation, The Lancet, Death Studies, and the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Dr Sam Parnia

Dr Sam Parnia at Southampton University, conducted a 3 year study in Sept 2008
which 25 UK and US hospitals will examine near-death studies in 1,500 heart
attack patients-survivors.

Sam Parnia's first interests in NDE was at age 15 reading a book of experiences of persons close to death. In the early years of medicine Dr Parnia understood the common theoretical debates surrounding NDE and looked into possible stimulants that could invoke hallucinations such as lack of oxygen, drugs, as well as their religious backgrounds. Dr Parnia ruled out the subjective accounts, and was extremely selective in his tests where he studies only people who suffered cardiac
arrest,and who were clinically dead.

Sam Parnia concentrated researching patients who could accurately describe the situation of the emergency room after being clinically dead. He tested their testimony with the nurses and doctors who attended to the person to verify the conversations and events.

Dr Peter Fenwick

Dr Peter Fenwick is an accomplished doctor with over 240 papers in medical and
scientific journals to his credit.
In 1996, Dr. Fenwick became a consulting neuro psychiatrist emeritus to the Epilepsy Unit at the Maudsley Hospital, which he ran for twenty years. He is also chairman of the Scientific and Medical Network, a group of doctors and scientists seeking to deepen understanding in science and medicine.

Dr Fenwick published a book on the subject of NDE, titled 'The Truth in the Light, which was a critical examination of over 300 cases selected from approximately 3000 that had been sent to him.

Dr Bruce Greyson

Dr Bruce Greyson- Professor of Psychiatry, studied 1,595 patients admitted to a
cardiac care unit with heart trouble.
Dr. Bruce Greyson is one of the leading
academic researchers into Near Death Experiences. He is a psychiatric researcher
and teacher at the University of Virginia Medical School.

Foundation panel discussion at the September 11, 2008 United Nations Hanifa Mezoui, PhD, Chief of the NGO Section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (ECOSOC) at the United Nations, Dr. Elie During - Beyond the Mind-Body Problem . Dr Mario Beauregard, PhD talking about how mainstream science regards the study of consciousness, and how the religious spiritual phenomenon are being ignored by the medical community. He explains the cultural war of facing no funding for the possibility that experiences may have a spiritual spect in explanation. Dr Henry Stapp, talks about the collapse of the wave function in quantum mechanics can explain mind-brain interaction. Dr Christina M. Puchalski, speaking about the irrelevance of reductionist views of reality to clinical practice.

Pim van Lommel

The findings of Pim van Lommel suggests that research subjects can experience consciousness, with self-identity, cognitive function and memories, including the possibility of perception outside their body during a flat EEG.

Dr Pim van Lommel in Holland studied NDE in which patients did not have a heart
beat, breating, and loss of brain function.
Dr Pim Van Lommel conducted a huge
study, with 344 cardiac arrest survivors with in 2 days of their heart attack
within 10 hospitals.
Forty-one survivors reported NDEs, and it was found that
NDEs was not influenced by the duration of either unconsciousness or cardiac
arrest, or by medication. He also found that significant NDEs were reported in
persons who were clinically dead.

Van Lommel, Van Wees, Meyers, Elfferich (2001). Near-Death Experience in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest: A Prospective Study in the Netherlands. Lancet.

"About the Continuity of Our Consciousness" by Pim Von Lommel

A great response by Pim Van Lommel against a Leading Skeptic regarding his research study.

Dr Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody published a book entitled "Life After Life" which described
his findings from 150 persons who died, or almost died, and then recovered. He
finds that 1. People's lives are transformed after having an NDE, 2. NDEs are
not hallucinations, 3. Drugs do not appear to be a factor.

Carl Becker, Ph.D

Dr Carl Becker has researched NDEs in Japanese hospitals and literature for 30 years. He states in his professional opinion that 1. Paranormal knowledge that is later verified 2. The similarity of deathbed events in different cultures

Dr Melvin Morse

Dr Melvin Morse is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of
Washington. He has studied near-death experiences in children for over 15 years and suggests that memory could be stored outside the brain, that the right temporal lobe acts as a transmitter and receiver of the universal mind. Dr. Morse claims that there are many scientific facts that validate a higher power.

T. Lee Baumann, M.D.

Quantum physics supports NDE concepts which include the properties of light, a
multi-dimensional reality, zero point, quantum interconnectivity, quantum
consciousness, quantum synchronicity, space and time interconnectivity, time
travel, teleportation, non-locality, singularities and the concept of
T. Lee Baumann, M.D. is the author of God at the Speed of Light: The Melding of Science and Spirituality, Window to God: A Physician's Spiritual Pilgrimage, and The Akashic Light: Religion's Common Thread.

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